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TrackerBox requires Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1 and version 4.0 of the Microsoft .Net Framework to run. You can download the .Net Framework from Microsoft if you do not have it already. If you are running Windows XP, you will need to install Service Pack 3 and .Net 3.5 before installing .Net 4. You can get the service pack from Windows Update.

Download the .Net 4 installer here.

In case you haven't seen it already, here's the feature bullet list:

  • Import sales reports from without having to manipulate them in a spreadsheet
    • Amazon KDP
    • PubIt
    • NOOK Press
    • Kobo Writing Life
    • Apple iBookStore
    • Smashwords
    • CreateSpace
    • Lightning Source
    • All Romance eBooks
    • Overdrive
    • Amazon Vendor Central
    • Draft2Digital
    • Google eBooks
    • ACX
    • BundleRabbit
    • Lulu
    • XinXii
  • Support multiple Authors and Pen Names
  • Track sales for every title and chart your sales and income progress
  • Group and sort reports by any column
  • Apply parameters to the reports, including selecting mulitple titles, authors, and/or Vendors
  • Export reports to XLS, PDF, CSV and HTML
  • Run multiple reports and see them side by side

Note for Avast Users

Avast once thought a component of TrackerBox was a piece of malware. It was a false positive, confirmed by Avast. If you are still having trouble, make sure you get the latest update from Avast.

Free 45 day trial

The download comes with an unrestricted 45 day free trial. When you purchase TrackerBox, you will receive a key that will allow you to continue using it for as long as you like.

Latest Version


Download Version 1.0.59

  • Revamped the alias managers to make them easier to use, especially with large numbers of titles.
  • Fixed some bugs with the new KDP reports
  • Added support for recording Borrows and Pages Read in the TrackerBox Import format (you can use B or PR, respectively, in the format column to indicate those types of sales records).
  • Added support for the latest versions of the Smashwords Quarterly Reports.
  • New Title reconcile window now does a better job of guessing title aliases
  • New Title Reconcile Title Alias list now lets you type the first part of a name and provides suggestions
  • The author field on the New Title Reconcile window will now change to match the selected title alias if the author is not provided by the vendor report
  • New Title Reconcile Window now loads quicker (especially noticable with large numbers of authors and titles).
  • The Net Income column in the TrackerBox Imort Format sheet no longer requires that it be a numeric format. It may now also be a general string format.

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